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27 March 2000


Dear Affiliates,

The attached report was made possible by the generous cooperation of most of the known bona fide Animal Welfare Organizations active in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. To our knowledge this is the first time such cooperation has been channeled to the development of a reasonably accurate snapshot of the state of affairs related to Animal Welfare in our region.

The target of this report is those with an interest in Animal Welfare issues in P.R/U.S.V.I. to include Government planners, legislators, the media, educators, potential donors and supporters from both on and off the Islands as well as those actively involved on a day-to-day basis in providing Animal Welfare services locally.

It is an attempt to provide a comprehensive view of the state of Animal Welfare contributions by all involved - the strengths and weaknesses - as a whole and is not intended to highlight one organization in specific. The strengths reflected for one group of organizations is not to be construed as being critical of the others nor are the weaknesses to be taken as criticism either. Rather they should be taken in the context of strengths that can be emulated and weaknesses that can be corrected. The reader should concentrate on the positive aspects of the collective effort and find in that the pride of a job well done.

Those working to improve Animal Welfare so often see only the trees and this Report is an attempt for them to see an image of the overall forest in which they labor so valiantly. It is hoped that in the coming years the data base can be expanded so that the image herein presented will be ever clearer and more accurate.

Thank you for your interest and cooperation. GO TO THE "1999-2000 Animal Welfare Statistics Report